About Us

Punjab Star was founded in 2002 with a simple belief – to create world-class media products and services. Our mission stems from the belief that consumer experience is critical to our success. The Punjab Star team strives to create multiple relationships with the Punjabi community in Ontario. To do that, Punjab Star commanders and strategists wear multiple hats, think disruption, and reinvent themselves every week. Punjab Star keeps anticipating their reader’s preferences through meticulous work, continuous innovation, and consistency in quality.
At Punjab Star, ideas rarely die, because we vehemently believe in the freedom to disagree. We believe in keeping the floodgates of ideation open all the time. We are not subsumed by it; we generously give every idea enough gestation-time even if it means forking out time from our daily work.
Punjab Star offers a wide array of features, more emphasis on local news, front page cartoon, weekly star, commentary and opinions, as well as weekly stories and features on arts, travel, business, sports and health.
In Ontario, particularly in the GTA, the estimated number of Punjabi Community is more than 200,000 –and growing. This large number of Punjabi community forms our target readership.
Statistics Canada ‘s recent figures shows that in South Asians there are 75 speaking languages among them Punjabi 29% is the most spoken and most read language.
Punjabi Community is the most visible minority group in South Asian community in Ontario and even in Canadian Politics they are standing out of the crowd, Out of 3.7% East Indian there are 1.4% Punjabi.
Taking in consideration of 1.4% Punjabi community, Punjab Star seeks to be a media mega-mart that infotains the customer, creates community value, delights the smart shopper, provides cutting-edge solutions to the advertiser, and believes in the magic of the idea.
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